Product Collection
Air Relief Bags and Transfer Sleeves

Air Relief Bag and Transfer Sleeve

Processing powders from fluid bed drying, milling or pulverizing requires fabric-based elements to collect or transfer the product or to contain the fugitive dust. Shaffer produces a variety of product collection bags, product transfer sleeves and air relief bags essential to powder processing. Shaffer offers custom made solutions to filtering fine dusts, static sensitive or chemically reactive dust streams.

As with Shaffer's other products, these bags and sleeves are laser cut with all dimensions and features digitally stored for accurate reproduction on future orders. All seams are lock stitched for strength and durability and can be seam sealed to prevent any leakage.

Product Collection Bag

Shaffer offers a gamut of woven or felt fabrics that cover the spectrum in airflow and retention. For ultimate in surface release and fine dust retention, Shaffer offers several fabrics with expanded PTFE surface treatment which assure no loss of product in processing.

Shaffer's experience and technical depth allows it to suggest proper design and sizing for the above products or produce custom made products.