Woven Static Conductive Fabrics
With Unipore


Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical industries have long recognized the inherent dangers of using non-conductive fabrics for processing powders such as starches, protein, sugar or cocoa. Thankfully this awareness has now spread to literally every operation that is potentially exposed to fires or explosions. With this widespread acceptance, a need has developed for a filter fabric that can handle submicron or oily particles, while retaining the static conductivity.

In response, Shaffer has developed a unique product employing Shaffer's Unipore membrane bonded to a premium FDA compliant polyester with a stainless steel matrix for conductivity. This innovative product is static conductive, can filter out sub-micron particles and offers superior particle release and water and chemical resistance to boot. This product, now in use in a variety of applications, offers unique properties unmatched by any other filtration fabric.