Leak Proofing Fabric Seams


When filtering fine non-agglomerating particles such as titanium dioxide, carbon black or silica, leakage through the needle holes of a filter becomes a significant issue. This leakage loads up expensive absolute filters downstream of production equipment. In laboratories, the leakage can reduce assay of the retained product leading to inconclusive results and repeats. In other instances such leakages may be a hazard in the workspace or to the environment.

Heat Seamed Filter BagUsing state-of-the-art equipment, Shaffer is able to heat seam fabrics on their longitudinal seam, eliminating needle holes. For other seams, an FDA compliant sealant can be applied to seal the needle holes.

Commonly used on filters with Unipore membrane, these techniques assure that all of the product is captured, improving profitability, eliminating the need for downstream filters or work place clean up.