Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical industries have long recognized the inherent dangers of using non-conductive fabrics for processing powders such as starches or proteins or edibles such as sugar or cocoa. For over 50 years, Shaffer has supplied these industries with static conductive fabrics and has continued to develop innovative new fabrics.

Shaffer's offerings include polyester or nylon fabrics with stainless steel or carbon fibers, in a wide range of construction including:

  • Screen cloths, in precise openings from 2 micron to over 1,000 microns for screening and drying.
  • Woven fabrics in spun or FDA compliant multifilament construction in nominal micron ratings of 2 to 50. The end uses span air relief for milling and pulverizing operations to product transfer and collection and to drying using fluid bed drying equipment. Applied with Unipore expanded PTFE membrane, Shaffer's polyester fabrics can filter submicron particles without blinding, reducing batch times and improving yields at the same time.