Recent scrutiny by safety officials has concluded that the static charge on a filter bag will remain localized since synthetic fibers such as polyester are insulators. This casts doubt on the effectiveness of many grounding schemes that rely on wires sewn over the bags.

In response, Shaffer has brought to market filter bags with static conductivity built into their fabric structure. These fabrics will drain away the static to any grounded surface that they contact, with no need for wires.

Available in felted polyester in a variety of weights, finishes and construction, Shaffer 's fabrics use stainless steel or carbon fiber strands to render them static conductive throughout the structure. By eliminating the use of grounding wires, they eliminate the consequences of improper design or installation which result in fires or explosions.

These unique felts are in widespread use across the world in pulse jet baghouses, in product collection or in conveying systems wherever the dust stream has a potential for fire or explosion.